Breathe Lead Dir. Sam Wood/Turtle Dove Cinema
Dick’s Big Score Lead Dir. Jon Olson
Sweet and Low Lead Dir. Stephen Craig/Cynopia Pictures
The Beautiful Ones Lead Filip Kasperaszek
Under a Blood Red Sky Supporting Dir. John Brandon/Counterfeit Cowboy
Shelter Supporting Ceasar Vega
Tape Me: Reel 2 Supporting Christopher Outridge
An American Destiny U5 Marvin Depont
Dollar Dream AA Leader, U5 Jared Hilliard
Strawberry Band Guitarist, U5 Moema Umann
Tape Me: Reel 4 Supporting Christopher Outridge
Tape Me: Reel 6 Supporting Christopher Outridge
Reminisce Lead Jungho Park – SVA
Turn Supporting Christopher Outridge (Ceo Productions)
Chasing Tail Lead Jose Venutolo
PopMeetstheVoid Supporting William Cusick
Return To Sleepaway Camp Camp Counselor Robert Hiltzik
Red Riding Hood Lead Herminion Torres
Gypsy Gamble U5 Shaista Roshan
Papow Lead Kirk Farrington/Land Shark Productions
Seeker U5 Robert Tagliareni
Impression Lead Steve Craig
This is still life U5 Martha McCann (CW Post)
You get what you say Lead Ryo Kuribayashi
Audition Supporting Talal Trip Al Shahal
The day everything changes between us U5 Rafael Moraes
JACI Lead Chris .R. Notarile (Blinky Productions)
Pov Chris Christopher Piccione
Ipsycho Supporting Chris R. Notarile (Blinky Productions)
Stargazer Supporting Talal Trip Al Shahal
Frailties U5 Joshua Echevarria (Montclair State)
Path to Prologue Supporting Christopher Piccione
Zack Smith Band Music Video Henna Artist Robert Tagliareni
NewYorkLand Dealer, U5 Kenneth Collins/Temporary Distortion
I, Lucifer Lead Sarah Jane Jarmillo
Dimension 6 AA Group Leader, U5 Keith Chernin
Corkman Lead Dir. Dawn Han
Frailties Casting Associate Joshua Echevarria
Path to Prologue Casting Christopher Piccione
Morpheus Casting Associate Joshua Echevarria
After Midnight (pilot) U5 Dir. Abraham Roofeh/Crowned King Prod.
Cafe Classics (pilot) Royce Roxanne Sciarrone (Sam and Alice productions)
Over Under Bartender (featured background) USA Network
The Rock Star Ghost Multiple Roles Jennifer Anderson
Indie Life Interviewed Eva Bodine
TEMPT (PRE-PRODUCTION) Series Regular Dir. Jose Venutolo
Path to Prologue Christopher Piccione
POV Christopher Piccione
Morpheus Associate Producer Joshua Echevarria
Chasing Tail Producer Jose Venutolo
Path to Prologue Christopher Piccione
Chasing Tail Story by Jose Venutolo
Breathe Script Consultant Dir. Same Wood
On camera: Audition Technique Kelly Kimball/Kimball Studios
Ballistics: Improv Dan Puck/Kimball Studios
Scene Study/Basic Technique Joseph Daly/HB Studio
On camera: Audition Technique Kelly Kimball/Kimball Studios
Scene Study Rasa Allan Kazlas/HB Studio
Intro to Cinematic Fighting Lang Yip/Cinematic Fight Studio
Intro to Voice Over Edge Studios
Drivers  License ,
U.S.  Passport